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307Rotary Areas of Focus Policy StatementAn in-depth look at Rotary International's Six Areas of Focus, for use as a resource to help Rotarians and prospective scholarship grant applicants to determine alignment of the scholar's plans with the humanitarian goals of The Rotary Foundation. Presidents, Foundation Chairs, Assistant GovernorsAreas, scholarship, policypdfView
306Global Grant Scholar Information - 2018GG Scholarship Scholar Information Package 2018 is an information resource for prospective scholarship applicants. Package includes: description, purpose, eligibility criteria, timeline, contact information and Rotary Areas of Focus Goal Chart.scholar, grant, packagepdfView
304Global Grant Scholarship - Scholar BriefTwo sided flyer for prospective scholarship applicants. Flyer contains basic information about Global Grant Scholarship: description, purpose, eligibility, timeline, contact information.Presidents, Foundation Chairs, Assistant Governorsscholarship, grantpdfView