Teela Spiller, Executive Director, Atlanta Micro Fund

Abstract: Last week's speaker (8/25/2017) was Teela Spiller, Executive Director, Atlanta Micro Fund. Teela Spiller's career began in Real Estate in 1995. Since this time, she's evolved from leasing and property management to real estate negotiation and mortgage origination to economic development and community lending. Teela controls the Atlanta Micro Fund, a nonprofit revolving loan fund providing access to capital and technical assistance. She also controls teelaspillerinc., a community development and economic revitalization real estate firm. The focus of her efforts includes supporting Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) as well as the communities surrounding them and the creation of commercial corridors in low-income communities. This week's speaker was Javier Mayora, a native of El Salvador, is currently spending a year studying in the United States as part of the Georgia Rotary Student Program, sponsored in part by our club.