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Roswell Honors September 11 Legacy

Roswell Rotary Club and the City of Roswell honored those who were lost and injured during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Held at the Roswell Recreation Area Park gym, we did not let hurricane Irma stand in our way.Citizens flocked to hear Retired Brigadier General Lawrence Dudney, Jr. speak of his experience while working at the Pentagon on Sept. 11th when a plane flew into the building. He spent hours evacuating the wounded and helping occupants to safety. Retired radio personality Moby Carney, master of ceremonies asked that we try to recall where we were when we first heard the news. Moby reminded us that on a positive note, that this tragic day brought us together in a heartfelt way. Mayor Jere Wood thanked the citizens for attending. “While we may be a town of 95,000, Roswell has a small town feel. It is clear today that you’re being here and our working together, has made Roswell a better city.”

Georgia State Representative, Dr. Betty Price shared that we will always remember those whom we loss and we will honor those whose bravery spared the lives of many. While we laid three memorial wreaths, Dr. Price asked us to never miss an opportunity to serve those in need, as the brave men and women so valiantly did on September 11. The First Baptist of Roswell Church Choir filled the room with inspirational music that had the attendees standing and singing in praise.

It was a very moving and powerful service. Roswell Rotary and the City of Roswell thank all who came and participated in our 9/11 Ceremony. We will never forget the men and women who lost their lives that day whether responding as a first responder, an employee at business in the World Trade Towers, an employee at The Pentagon, and passengers/crew of the flights involved.

Posted by Lynne Lindsay
October 3, 2017


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