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D6900 Peace Scholar Hits the Ground Running

Kate Keator, District 6900's first Rotary Peace Scholar, is settling into the program in Bradford, England. She is pictured with several of her fellow Peace Scholars. Here's an update from September ...

"It's been a hectic two weeks since my parents ended up staying with me my last week in the US as they were forced to evacuate from their home in South Florida due to Hurricane Irma (though they were already planning to visit me for a couple of days before I left). I hit the ground running the moment I arrived in Bradford--my host dad, Les, picked me up from the airport (after I made arrangements with British Airways to send me my second piece of luggage that never made it onto my plane) and we went straight to the university where I began my registration process for international students, then to the grocery store for some basic necessities, then finally to my new flat with two other roommates from the fellowship, Jessica (USA) and Lydia (Germany). The first few days here were a blur since I was quite jet lagged but also had a long list of things to do in order to get settled, including opening a bank account, setting up internet at the flat, registering for the National Health Service, and buying basic necessities for housing such as dishware, cutlery, bed sheets, etc. I think I've finally got most things and my host family was kind enough to give us some extra bowls, mugs, and cups.

In Sunday my host parents, Chris and Les, showed me and my roommate Jessica around the village of Saltaire. Absolutely beautiful plus there was a festival going on so it was filled with people and tents selling handmade goods plus food from around the world.

Sunday evening my roommates and I hosted the rest of the Peace Fellows at our flat since we have a decent-sized living and are central to where everyone else lives. It was the first time we all got together and it was great! In less than an hour we were all debating peacebuilding tactics, the concept of "security/defense" in international relations and whether it is necessary, and gender equality approaches that incorporate cultural sensitivity, among other things. This is going to be a lively group! Really looking forward to classes with them. We took a group photo together so I will send that along as soon as I get it.

Lastly, my induction week for my program started September 18 which means I have a scheduled list of events where I meet the professors in my Conflict Resolution MA program as well as the rest of the students and learn the ins-and-outs of the university and the Peace Studies program. Rotary will also have a few info sessions for the Peace Fellows that will be woven in to our induction week schedule. I've barely had time to wrap my head around which classes to choose so this week will be helpful in that regards."

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
October 3, 2017


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