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Congratulations ... and Keep Up the Good Work!

The reports are in for Foundation Giving last year and all I can say is: Congratulations to all of the Rotary clubs in our District and to Past District Governor Raymond Ray for a fabulous year in Foundation giving! When they got through tallying the numbers, our District was recognized as a top performer. Here is what you did:

  • ·Endowment Fund Giving: 3rd highest in Zone 34
  • ·Annual Fund Giving: 2nd highest in Zone 34, #31 in the world
  • ·Total Giving: #30 in the world
  • ·Paul Harris Society members: #12 in the world

Wow! And don’t forget that million dollar dinner with RI President John Germ! This is an amazing collection of clubs and Rotarians. Thank you for your support of the Rotary Foundation last year!

So why share these numbers? First, we have a lot of be proud of. But, this isn’t just money. This is service. Every dollar means that someone’s life has been improved…or saved. Every dollar means clean water, medicine, shelter and training to become self sufficient. Every dollar represents one person’s commitment to improving the world. How do you measure the impact of saving one child from contracting Polio? We report the commitment in dollars, but never forget what these dollars mean in the real world thanks to you.

Last year’s team of Club Presidents and district leadership have set the bar pretty high, but I believe we can raise the bar too! We ranked in the top 20 in the world in some of these categories without even trying. For example, when was the last time you talked about the Paul Harris Society in your club? It is a simple commitment to give a total of $1000 per year. How many of the members in your club are 100% Sustaining members giving at least $100 a year? They may be waiting for you to ask them. Let’s raise that bar!

The Rotary Foundation is the tool for Rotarians to Make A Difference!

Posted by Margie Kersey
November 5, 2017


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