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Jasmine Burton Completes Her Year as a Rotary Scholar in London

Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I can’t believe my year as a Rotary Scholar at LSHTM has already come to a close. The past few months of thesis submission, conference attendance and starting my new position at the Toilet Board Coalition with some projects based in Geneva, Switzerland has been an incredible way to transition from my time as an MSc student not to mention my current pursuit for publishing my thesis. These pictures share some of my 2017 Rotary highlights! The captions are numbered to correspond with the order of the pictures.

Thank you Rotary!

  1. Le and I were both sponsored by District 6900 and loved seeing each other between courses!
  2. I loved presenting at the Rotary Club of Loughton, Buckhurst and Chigwell about my passion
  3. Exploring on a foggy day in Dublin, Ireland with some of my Rotary Global Grant London-based cohort!
  4. Speaking about the need for diverse approaches to sanitation at World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden!
  5. A beautiful day of north-England hiking with some of my Rotary Global Grant London-based cohort!
  6. Spent some time at this facility during my thesis data collection for a sanitation project in Lusaka, Zambia this summer!
  7. I loved having the chance to welcome Katie Isaf into the Rotary community by meeting up with her in Amsterdam before her coursework began!
  8. What an incredible year that was concluded by submitting my dream sanitation thesis project and passing all of my courses!
Posted by Margie Kersey
December 5, 2017


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