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Super Heroes Walk Among Us

It’s the season of giving thanks for our blessings. And, for saying thanks for the life we enjoy as Rotarians. This month, I thank you - Rotarians of District 6900 - for caring deeply about the future of our world’s mothers and children. Your generosity touches people who are unknown. It is unlikely you will ever meet any of them personally. Yet, you care enough to reach them through The Rotary Foundation’s Global Grants Programs. You gave these strangers life’s greatest gift: better health and an opportunity to grow into adulthood.

Your thanks come from 240,000 pregnant mothers whose babies have a chance to be born and 204,000 children under the age of five who will be immunized and grow into healthy adults because District 6900 Rotarians deliver basic health care services in remote Kenyan villages for the first time. You did it by providing I-Phones, I-Pads, cutting edge SMS technology and trained Community Health Workers. Low income Mexican mothers and babies, plus the Community Health workers in training at the area’s only medical clinic, say thank you Rotarians for renovating our Waiting Room, Exam Room and Pharmacy. Premature babies, and their parents in rural Ecuador received critical new life saving techniques when you renovated and upgraded the neo-natal Intensive care unit in their only hospital. Muchas Gracias!

Thanks again for providing 100,000 people in India with clean drinking water produced by the reverse osmosis filtration systems you funded. Using these systems, entire villages escape bone deformities, paralysis and blindness due to excessive fluoride leaching from the ground into the water system. Also in India, 51,000 people are grateful for your gifts of health screenings, referrals for future medical care and basic self-care education delivered by Rotary Family Health Day programs in 17 locations.

Every year, Rotarians and Clubs in this District initiate, fund and share projects like these using Rotary Foundation Global Grant Programs. Only Rotary clubs, in partnership with a Rotary Club in another country, can create a Global Grant. As members of a worldwide organization whose objective is “providing humanitarian service," you, along with all past and future Rotarians who contribute to The Rotary Foundation, change lives and improve living conditions for entire communities.

The Rotary Foundation has been helping people change things for the past 100 years. Started in 1917 with a donation of $37.50, The Rotary Foundation uses contributions from Rotarians in every Club to “Do Good in the World”. The first Rotary Foundation contribution for “Good” was $500 given to the Society for Crippled Children (now Easter Seals) in 1927. Since 1965, The Rotary Foundation uses Grants, District and Global, as its vehicle of choice to empower Rotary Clubs to:

  • fight and prevent disease,
  • provide clean water,
  • educate,
  • build economies,
  • save mothers and babies, and
  • bring peace through conflict resolution.

District 6900 Rotarians united last year under the goal of bringing sustainable, lasting change to health situations that could, and should be improved. They chose Rotary’s focus areas of Disease Prevention and Maternal and Child Health to make their impact.

What does it take to change just one life? How much does it cost?

Last year The Rotary Foundation contributed $7 million to more than 1100 Grant funded programs around the world. Last year, District 6900 Clubs funded five Humanitarian Global Grants and 2 Global Grant Scholarships .Every Global Grant was initiated and partnered by 20 Rotary Clubs inside District 6900.The estimate cost of all our Global Grant Projects started last year was $772,962. Including the scholarship recipients, our 2016 Global Grants changed the lives of at least 405,195 men, women and children.

Thank You District 6900 Rotarians. You are our Super Heroes!!! Here is the way District 6900 values your "investment."

To touch the lives of 405,195 people ...

Total cost Cost per life change

From Club Cash (actually contributed to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund in 2016.This money will return to District 6900 in three years as DDF, or District Designated Funds)

$106,830 $0.26
From District DDF (District Designated Funds from individual Rotarian contributions over past years that The Rotary Foundation returned to District 6900 for charitable projects. District 6900 uses DDF money to pay Club and District Global Grant Commitments on Global Grants originating in our District) $154,830 $0.39
From our partners (Other Rotary Clubs, Districts, Supporters outside District 6900) $221,388 $0.54
From The Rotary Foundation World Fund $289,914 $0.72
The Totals $772,962 $1.91
Posted by Anne Glenn
December 5, 2017


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