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North Fulton Adds Trees Near Its Rotary Reflection Garden

On Veteran’s Day, 18 volunteers from the Rotary Club of North Fulton (7 Rotarians and 11 family and friends) gathered to plant 16 trees in honor of Rotary International President Ian Risely. The Club's newest Rotarian, Tom Salata, worked with the City of Alpharetta Urban Forestry Program Manager Will Eberly to:

  • Identify the appropriate city park (we choose North Park which is home to the Rotary Reflection Garden which our club developed and dedicated in 2013)
  • Select the appropriate trees (both under story – dogwood and redbud and shade – oak and tulip)
  • Determine the placement of the trees
  • Identify the preferred local nursery to purchase the trees (SiteOne Landscape Supply in Alpharetta).

This project was made more manageable with the aid of past president Richard Matherly when he enlisted the support of O’Neill Landscape Group who volunteered to dig the holes and place the trees.

This request to plant trees has focused our club on adding more trees in the coming years to the Reflection Garden.

Posted by Mike Mudd
December 5, 2017


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