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Dunwoody Police Chief Dances to Stop Domestic Violence

When the DeKalb County Solicitor General, Donna Coleman-Stribling, asked Dunwoody Police Chief (and Dunwoody Rotarian) Billy Grogan to consider being one of the “Stars” in its first ever Dancing With the DeKalb Stars event, he eagerly agreed. The event raised funds and awareness about Domestic Violence.

"Little did I realize how much work it was going to take and how little I knew about dancing!" Chief Grogan admitted.

His professional dance partner was Bridget Roosa, who is the Associate Professor of Dance and Director of Dance Studies at Agnes Scott College. "Bridget and I started practicing in August for the October event. After my first practice, I really thought I had made a terrible mistake. I had two left feet and could not imagine ever dancing on stage and not making a fool out of myself. Bridget assured me she would get me ready. Bridget encouraged me each week as we practiced two times a week. About 2 weeks out I suddenly realized I had our routine down and I might be able to actually dance and not make a fool out of myself!

"As we were getting ready for the actual event on October 14, I found out the Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center was sold out. I got really nervous! Fortunately, it was a friendly crowd. They clapped and cheered for each of us and provided lots of encouragement. All of the “Stars” and our professional dance partners cheered and encouraged each other as well. I had a great time, met many nice people, learned a lot and we raised money for two special charities."

Thanks to Police Chief Billy for being a Rotarian in Action!

Posted by Jackie Cuthbert
December 5, 2017


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