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Computers Further AVPRIDE Education Efforts

The Rotary Club of Fayette Daybreak, in collaboration with Affinity Computers, made a donation of computers, anti-virus software, and technical support to AVPRIDE’s After School and Enrichment Program. Affinity Computers takes pride in supporting local nonprofits, and these new computers will go a long way in providing technical resources to AVPRIDE, an organization that has been providing programs and services to students in Fayette County for the past 21 years. Visit www.fayettedaybreak.org, and www.AVPRIDE.org to learn more about these impactful service organizations.

Pictured (left to right) are Pam Reid, AVPRIDE Executive Director and Rotarian; Mary Johnson, AVPRIDE Board Member; Carol Stallings, Fayette Daybreak Rotary Club; Margaret Simmons, AVPRIDE staff; Brandon Sherman, AVPRIDE Board Member; Leah Thomson, AVPRIDE Board Member; Grant Stonaker, Affinity Computers; Jon Wells, Owner-Affinity Computers; David White, AVPRIDE staff; Rick Barnes, President, Fayette Daybreak Rotary Club; Iris Blevins, AVPRIDE staff; Leonard Presberg, AVPRIDE Board Member.

Posted by Rick Barnes
January 9, 2018


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