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Are You on Track for 2017-18?

Congratulations! You are half-way through this Rotary year! This is a great time to stop and check your map to see if you are on track. This year both the Rotary Citation and the District Awards are driven by reporting in My Rotary.

Here are some of the Rotary Citation Foundation goals you can check - Did you:

  1. Sponsor or participate in a polio fundraising or awareness event? Many clubs accomplished this goal in October, but it doesn’t count until you enter the information into rotary.org. If you haven’t done this yet, there is still plenty of time! How about giving a talk about Polio to a local school? Or collecting money from local businesses? Or mailing PolioPlus material to local businesses? The sky is the limit!
  2. Sponsor or participate in a Global or District Grant? Record it in Rotary.org! If you haven’t yet, call Anne Glenn of RC Dunwoody to ask what Global Grants need your help.
  3. Carry out an environmental project? Many clubs are planting trees for President Ian and Governor Alec this year, if you are one of them, enter the information in Rotary.org. Or maybe you cleaned up a roadway or cleaned a stream. There are a lot of environmental projects that need your attention in your community. If you don’t know what you can do, contact the Chamber of Commerce or Mayor’s office and offer to help. Better yet, partner with Boy and Girl Scouts to make a difference.
  4. Partner with other clubs or Family of Rotary groups? More hands make projects quicker and more fun. Invite Interact, Rotaract, Community Corps or maybe even the Kiwanis and Lions to join you in a community project!
  5. Increase overall club giving by 10%? Don’t wait for the end of the year to send in your Foundation donations – do it now! Make it easy on your Treasurer and Foundation chair by submitting your money early. Ask your members to give, have a raffle to benefit the Foundation, think outside the box and Make A Difference
  6. Increase the number of members who give $25 or more? How does your club encourage Foundation giving? Do you add an optional $25 per quarter on their invoice? Do you collect it in “fines”? Do you have a Foundation speaker and ask for donations? Having a plan increases your odds of achieving this goal.
  7. Give $100 to the Annual Fund? If every member of your club does this, your club will be recognized as a 100% Foundation Giving club and will receive a banner. The trick is…Ask your members to give.
  8. Contribute or enter a project on Rotary Ideas? Is there a big project that needs to be done in your community? Do you wish Global Grants could be done in the US? Well, they CAN!! Enter your project on Rotary Ideas and let Rotary clubs around the world know what needs to be done in your neighborhood. Your project might just get adopted by a Rotary club outside the US and a Global Grant could be done in your backyard! This is how you can make that happen – go online and enter the information.

Yes, the year is half way over, but that just means there is still half of the year left to make a difference and move forward. Go online, document your successes, let the world know about your needs and use the Rotary Foundation. If you need help, call or email me! The District Foundation team is standing by ready and willing to Make a Difference.

Posted by Margie Kersey
January 9, 2018


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