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Grow Your Following and Win $250!

When it comes to social media, one of the most common questions that Rotary Clubs have is how to gain more followers. Growing an online community allows your club to raise awareness, connect with more people and gain more support. The club in each category that gains the most new followers between February 1 and District Conference will win $250!

Here are five tips for growing your club’s social media fans.

1. Include Compelling Visuals

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, people love seeing visual content because it’s entertaining and easy to consume. According to HubSpot, content with relevant images get up to 94 percent more views and is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other forms of content.

So, where do you get images to post on social media? You can try a stock photo site like Pixabay.com or FreeImages.com. Most photos are free to use. However, the better option is to take your own photos. This way, your followers can get an inside look at your club and how you make a difference.

2. Run Creative Contests

Another way to get more followers is by launching fun contests for people to participate in. Always choose items that are related to your club, such as tickets to a charity event, a free membership or even promotional merchandise. These are great ways to get people excited for your cause while also generating awareness.

There are different ways that you can run contests on social media, but some of the most popular include:

  • Like to win. Fans have to like your page and post to be entered into the contest.
  • Comment to win. Followers must comment on the post or answer a question.
  • Photo contest. Participants upload a photo and either you or the community votes for the best.
  • Fill-in-the-blank contest. Fans answer a trivia question.
  • Caption contest. Followers make a caption and either you or the community votes on the best.

3. Be Responsive

If someone leaves a comment or asks a question, respond to it on the first day. This shows that you are active and listening to your community’s questions. Providing a quick response can also get the conversation going, which is great for bringing attention to your club.

There are other ways that you can be active on social media. Recognize people who retweet, favorite or mention your club. A quick “thank you” shows that you are paying attention and appreciate the support. You can also utilize messaging tools like Facebook Messenger to send private messages.

4. Share Engaging Content

It’s easy to have a “set it and forget it” mentality with social media, especially if you run through a dry spell where your posts don’t see a lot of engagement. If this happens, it means you have to think more creatively. People are bombarded by posts on their news feeds, so consider how you can make yours stand out.

For example, storytelling is a powerful way to captivate an audience. Rotary clubs have some of the best stories to share. You don’t need anything substantial, either. A simple photo of a person you’ve helped and a link to their story is enough to draw people in.

5. Use the Tools: Hashtags, Tagging and More

Social media offers a number of tools to get your campaigns on the right foot. Hashtags (#) help you get found and join in important conversations. For example, if you want to talk about District Conference use #Rotacon2018 and your post will appear in that feed. Tagging encourages more followers and drives traffic to social media pages.

If you want to call out a specific person or organization, you need to mention them. Just typing their name isn’t enough—be sure to use “@” in front to ensure they get an alert that you mentioned them. For example, if you post your conference video on Facebook to participate in the District Conference Video Contest, don’t just put RotaryD6900 in Facebook, use @RotaryD6900 so the District public image team gets an alert that you mentioned them.

You may also want to consider paid social, like boosting an important post on Facebook. With the filters available, you can specifically target the right demographics, interests, behaviors and more.

We are here to help

We know this is a lot of information, but social media is full of opportunities to grow your Rotary Club! The more fans and followers you have, the easier it is to share your message, raise awareness and collect donations. If you have any questions or need help getting started, reach out to District Public Image chair, Gordon Owens (gowens@godigitalwsi.com).

Posted by Gordon Owens
February 5, 2018


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