Rotary Action Groups
Expand Your Rotary with a Rotary Action Group or Rotary Fellowship

President Elect Barry Rassin and the Global Networking Groups (GNG) Committee believe that Rotary Action Groups (RAGS) and Rotary Fellowships offer a value proposition to attract potential members and to provide opportunities to engage and retain existing members. Our clubs will once again be strong and vibrant. Our membership will start to grow!

I think you will agree that the 26 RAGs and more than 70 Fellowships are a well-kept secret for the most part. Some Rotarians may be members of a RAG: Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Water and Sanitation, Disaster Assistance etc. Our own district Rotarians were very involved in the Rotary Action Group for Family Health and AIDS Prevention. Some may be members of a Fellowship: Wine Lovers, Motorcycling, Tennis, etc.

Of the 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide, only 31,000 Rotarians are members of a RAG and 82,000 are members of a Fellowship. If you ask a club president if his/her members belong to a RAG or Fellowship, they probably won’t know.

To learn more about these international networking and service opportunities, you can visit rotary.org

Then consider joining a RAG you are passionate about to help others and/or a Fellowship to have fun with your fellow Rotarians around the world.

Club Presidents-Elect will learn more about these programs at Peach PETS.

Robert Hall, 678-429-2799

www.HRHRecruiting.com, Principal

Rotary International Director, 2014-16

Chair, Global Networking Groups Committee

Posted by Robert Hall
February 5, 2018


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