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Happy 30th Anniversary Dougherty County Rotary!

The Dougherty County Rotary celebrated its 30th Club Birthday by giving back to the community with a special partnership with Chehaw Park. On October 30, the club planted 30 fruit trees at Chehaw for the animals of the park.

Organizers said they wanted to make a special dedication because of the trees lost in the January's storms.

The animals will benefit from this planting and was their way of giving back as well as creating a growing partnership.

"We feed fruit to the animals, and so planting some fruit trees was going to be a little bit unique, was going to benefit the animals directly. It was going to benefit our bottom line with our expenses," said Don Meek, Executive Director of Chehaw.

Among some of the trees planted were apple, crabapple, pear, orange, and loquats. The trees are all native to Georgia.

Posted by Tammy McCrary
February 7, 2018


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