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Here we are in March, the end of the third quarter of the Rotary year. This is a very good time to assess where your club stands because you still have time to make changes and take action! Take a moment today and pull up your personal Foundation Giving – are you where you want to be? Are you a Sustaining Member (giving $100 during the year)? Are you close to being a Major Donor? (Minimum of $10,000 giving to date) Are you a Benefactor or Bequest Society member yet? Now is the time to decide what you personally want to achieve this year.

The Rotary Foundation is the engine that drives so many Rotary projects around the world, both overseas and in our own back yard. That District Grant that you used in your community is courtesy of Rotarians supporting The Rotary Foundation. The children in India who got vaccinated is courtesy of Rotarians like you. Rotarians Make A Difference – and they do it by supporting our Foundation. It is always there waiting to serve you.

After looking at your personal giving, take a moment to look at your club’s giving. Are you doing better than last year? Or not? You have time to turn it around if you haven’t hit your goals yet! Do a fundraiser, ask your members to contribute, mail that check in today. Little things that mean everything to people around the world.

Supporting the Foundation isn’t just about giving money and having people like me beg. Supporting the Foundation is about improving lives. True, you may never meet the people you help, but does that really matter? What matters is that you have made it possible for them to have clean water, food to eat, a way for them to support themselves and medical care that might save their life. Literally.

Don’t just give money to the Foundation. Make a Difference by mailing a check. Save a life.

Want to get more involved with the Foundation?

  • Call Anne Glenn and ask which Global Grants need your help or ask her to help you create a Global Grant.
  • Find a worthy Global Grant Scholar or Peace Fellow Scholar and let Kathy Brandt and Laura Kann know.
  • Want to support the Foundation in your Estate? Ask Margie Kersey for information and the forms you may need.
  • Have questions? Invite us to your club. We can visit your board and answer questions or present a program on the Foundation.

We are here to make the Foundation easy for you.

Posted by Margie Kersey
March 6, 2018


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